Popcorn Salad Is Officially My Favorite Kind of Salad (Hint: There Are No Vegetables Involved)

How to make TikTok's new favorite snack and the ideal movie night treat.

In the words of TikTok, I was "today years old" when I learned what Popcorn Salad was. In a way, I've known it for years, but never by this name. And you probably know—and love—it, too. And I'm not talking about the mayo-based Midwestern dish. No, this Popcorn Salad has no vegetables in sight. Behold, Popcorn Salad:

If you're thinking, "I know that snack," you're not alone; I also grew up making "Popcorn Salad" every time I went to the movies. This sweet and salty "salad" is a fun riff on the classic movie theatre mashup of popcorn and M & Ms, but with a variety of sweet snacks, often chocolate, nuts, candy, or a mix therein.

Assorted styles of flavored popcorn on a black slate background

JWalk Studio/Dotdash Meredith

With the ideal balance of sweet and salty, Popcorn Salad is highly snack-able and the perfect munchies mix to accompany a movie marathon, big game, or show binge. It's not hard to see why it's taken off on TikTok, with #popcornsalad garnering over 5 million views on the app.

Nicole McLaughlin, host of Get Cookin' and our resident "Perfect Bite" expert, has mastered Popcorn Salad. Her add-ins? The best of the best movie theatre candies (in her opinion): Nerds-coated gummy clusters, mixed M & Ms, sour gummy bears, candy corn, and honey-roasted peanuts.

To make it at home, pick your favorite candies, nuts, and chocolates, although we recommend a diverse mix with at least one from each category. That way, you get a little of everything in each handful, and a perfect bite in every bite.

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