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Bloody Mary Burrata

Liquefied salad and cold vegetable soup may not sound that appealing, but you can't deny that homemade Bloody Mary base would make a bloody good gazpacho. Just don't autopilot to adding vodka. Instead, joining this classic blend of fresh tomatoes, peppers, celery, horseradish, and lemon is something more substantial: a walloping dollop of Burrata cheese. Seriously, what better way to complement zesty, spicy Bloody Mary mix than with the creamiest cheese of your dreams? That said, nothing's stopping you from making this the base recipe for all your go-to alcoholic Bloody Mary needs. That's why this from-scratch Bloody Mary mix is so bloody useful: for a good time, just add vodka; for a tastebud tantalizer, just add cheese. Chef John uses red jalapeno and both cherry tomatoes and full-grown ones here, but any of your favorite pepper and tomato varieties will work! So take a break from cooking and get ready to blend up a Bloody Mary Burrata.

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