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Firehouse Roast Beef

Now this is cooking for a crowd! In this video, you’ll meet firehouse cook Butch Babcock of the S.W. Johnson Fire Company of Garnerville, NY, and see how to make his recipe for prime rib roast beef with Montreal seasoning. Watch as Butch prepares this special dinner for the Chiefs Association. You’ll see how to build a roasting rack out of celery stalks, whole carrots, and sliced onions. You’ll also get great tricks for peeling an onion with ease and for keeping prime rib moist as it roasts. Serve it firehouse-style, with grilled corn, mashed potatoes, and au jus for dipping. See our complete collection of prime rib recipes.

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  • ButchSWJ

Darkfire ... Thank you so much for the fantastic comments. I really enjoy when someone is successful with a recipe I put forward ... Thanks again!!!

  • Darkfire

I was able to score a prime cut of beef for an amazing price because I bought such a big hunk of it. I had no clue what to do with it. I froze it. It's time to cook it and I was at a loss so I Googled and decided to make the first recipe that came up. For my allergies I did not use a bottled seasoning. I used only celery on the bottom. I added PEELED potatoes. No peels for me too much Iodine. I used fresh ground seasonings. Other than that I followed ButchSWJ's recipe. OMG OMG.....Nothing, the roast needs NOTHING. I salt everything, including pancakes when I used to eat them (I am Celiac, no gluten, also allergic to carrots) but this? This, is perfection. It is so moist, juicy and perfectly seasoned and cooked to my exact preferences. OMG I ? this recipe. Thank you so much!

  • ButchSWJ

Hi Donna... Thanks for the comments and I'm glad it turned out well for you. The method I use to re heat the rib is to once again cover it in lettuce and put it into a low oven 225 to 250... Once again use a meat thermometer and when it reaches 140 you are ready for medium rare prime rib... Enjoy... Butch