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Ginger Carrots and Dates

For an easy but impressive side dish for any fall or winter meal, try this recipe for carrots glazed in butter and brown sugar, with chopped dates and fresh ginger giving it the wow factor. This video gives you easy-to-follow instructions for cooking peeled and sliced carrots, adding the butter, brown sugar, and fresh ginger to make a quick glaze, and stirring in chopped dates to finish the dish. How’s this for convenience: the whole thing can be made ahead of time and reheated. This classic recipe is perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner menu. Find the perfect Thanksgiving side dish recipes.

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  • lisadamole

How much of the chopped dates? Not sure where I can find that - I don't see the recipe in print. Will assume 1/3 c chopped to be adequate?

  • gingerlover4ever

Mar. 8, 2012 9:48 am That looks tasty! I LOVE ginger! If anyone is interested this is a great site I found with recipes to make dishes that are similar to this (along with others!: Enjoy =)

  • pam

Would also like to know how much of the chopped dates to add??