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How to Make Perfect Poached Eggs

In this video, you’ll see how to make poached eggs. Learn this simple technique and become the unofficial queen of brunch! You’ll discover why a little bit of vinegar in the water helps keep the whites together and get a little tip for making poached eggs for a crowd. You’ll see just the right type of low simmer you want for poaching perfect eggs. You’ll also learn why fresh eggs poach best and why it’s a smart idea to crack your eggs into a ramekin instead of directly into the water. What happens when you use older eggs? You’ll see in this video—and also see how to fix the problem! Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John’s Poached Eggs.

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  • terry

I drain the egg of excess loose egg white before I put it in the acidulated water. I use Rhulmans egg spoon but any slotted spoon will do. There is always some loose egg white and the older the egg the more there is. Just drain it off and you'll get a perfect poached egg. Terry

  • vinxy

I have come to love the microwave method. Take shallow bowl fill with water and vinegar. crack egg into mix. In my microwave which is old I do exactly 1:49 then let rest until for about another min. white contained by bowl & yolk is soft.

  • caviarandbacon

Pretty nice way to show how to recover from a mistake. Let me say though - if you have to flip something over for it to look right, it's not perfect. :)