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How to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Pour-over coffee brewing is exactly what it sounds like. Using a filter cone, you simply pour hot water over coffee grounds to brew a single cup of coffee. This video will show you how to prep for brewing, plus a few easy pouring tricks to be sure get the best flavor. The pour-over coffee brewing method is perfect for those mornings where you just want one cup, and you want it fresh! Read more on how to brew coffee or pour over coffee.

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  • Marinated

I tried this and I LOVE it! Excellent for those days when you just want one cup and brewing a whole pot would be a waste.

  • Oma Lea

Love cold brewed coffee. Those that have trouble with their stomachs can have the cold brewed coffee due to the low acidity. If properly done, there is actually more caffeine per cup than with perked coffee. Using frozen cubes of coffee for an iced coffee keeps the flavor going through the whole drink. Enjoy :)

  • Laguna Lala

I wonder if this is better or easier than the french press we use. Either way, it looks like fun!