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How to Make French Press Coffee

Making a French press of coffee couldn’t be simpler. And, because you’re using a metal filter, it’s pretty much the best cup of coffee you can make. While a paper filter would soak up all the coffee’s oils—where much of a coffee’s flavor is held—the metal filter of a French press allows those oils to stick around creating a bolder, fuller cup of coffee. All you need to get started is a French press, course ground coffee, and hot water just off a boil. And your favorite coffee mug, of course! Get more coffee brewing tips.

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  • Patricia Levi

I will never go back to a drip coffee. French press coffee is out of this world. The cleaning and grinding of coffee is well worth it.

  • quiltersammy

French Press coffee truly is the "gold standard" of this wonderful beverage. You get used to the rigamarole of making it, cleaning it, grinding the beans etc.'s worth the effort!

  • nanaofthree

I love french press coffee -- but hate the cleanup. That's why I resort to the Mr. Coffee machine and its easy cleanup.