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How to Use a Knife Steel

In this video, you’ll see how to keep your knives sharp using a knife steel—the rod-like tool that came with your new knife. If you have a knife steel, chances are you never use it. But you should; the knife steel will help keep your sharpened knives sharp much longer. A knife steel won't actually sharpen a knife, it just helps keep it sharp longer. There’s a definite technique to running the blade across the steel; you have to hold the knife at a certain angle. And in this video, you’ll see how it’s done. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. You’ll also see a visual demonstration showing what the knife steel is actually doing to your knives to help keep them sharp. You’ll also see why a dull knife will never be made sharp by running the blade along a knife steel. For more, see our video on Basic Knife Skills.

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  • va-jim

As a teenager I worked in a prime rib restaurant and the chefs always sharpened towards the handle. Don't know why, seems safer the other way, but that's how I do it, just don't cut yourself!

  • Capt.Quent

So--who's right?? The video or HOGGWILD89?? I've always drawn the blade toward me, not pushed it away, with somewhat unsatisfactory results........

  • jenni9

Deleted by Allrecipes