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Baked Slow Cooker Chicken

See how to make an incredibly easy slow cooker “baked” chicken. How simple is it? Just put a seasoned whole chicken in the slow cooker in the morning and have delicious golden-brown “baked” chicken for dinner in the evening. This amazing 5-star recipe is among the most popular on the site. Watch how easy it is to prepare. For a complete meal, add vegetables like carrots and potatoes to the slow cooker. You’ll see a great trick that keeps the bottom of the chicken from getting soggy. Get Cotton’s recipe for Baked Slow Cooker Chicken.

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  • PennyG

@jontreadway That's true--the USDA did recently make that statement. But here's the thing--commercially harvested chickens aren't cleaned very well, there are feather pins in the skin, and bloody juices encased in the plastic for days before and after we buy them. I clean my chickens very well, removing the pins and the bloody juices. I can't obviously get rid of all the bacteria that's in meat in general, but rinsing them is the only way to rinse off the yucky! If one is diligent about how it's done, there is minimal splash, and I scrub and disinfect everything around the sink when I'm done. Slow running water, not partying with the uncooked chicken in the kitchen--minimal if any, splashes. I thought about this when it was announced, but I have been cooking for 40+ years, and never made anyone sick with my cooking. (Trust me--I would know!!) I'd just rather know that stuff was not in food I feed to my family.

  • Jon Treadway

This looks like a really good recipe, but, per new USDA and Centers For Disease Control guidelines, you should never rinse your chicken, for two reasons-- first, the heat of cooking is sufficient to kill any and all bacteria that might be present, and because studies show that rinsing the chicken actually spreads bacteria, both in hidden areas you can't see, and via tiny water droplets which are dispersed throughout the room.

  • AliciaAllDayLong

This is a must try! I have two teen boys. I can't cook often, I had rods and fusions Sept. 10, and I've never used my crock pot. I'm excited because this is easy cooking for my boys too!!