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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

In this video, you’ll see how simple it is to make delicious cold brew coffee at home—all you need is a French press, ground coffee, water, and a paper filter. Although it takes about 12-24 hours to steep, it can then be stored in the refrigerator for up to ten days, making it a very fast and easy way to get your morning coffee. And it tastes great! Cold brew is lower in acidity, making for a smoother cup, and can be mixed with milk or water for a hot or cold coffee beverage. Get recipes for breakfast to pair with your coffee.

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  • lakelady

I watched the whole video just to make sure I wasn't missing something important by doing it this way. First, let me say I HATE coffee but my husband loves it so he's been making cold brew for 15 or 20 years. Everyone, and I mean everyone who tastes his coffee asks to take some home and along with instructions. This video makes it seem SO hard. Just get yourself a Toddy set and make life so much easier. The set comes with a glass carafe, a plastic brewer with a reuseable filter in the bottom. Mix the grounds with water, let it set over night, pull the plug from the bottom of the brewer, and then let the concentrate drain out the bottom through the filter. The fiber filter removes all sediment. You're left with a carafe full of coffee concentrate that lasts a two or three cup a day drinker a week or more. No muss, no fuss, and easy clean up.

  • Britten Adams

Try montavida with ice.

  • 00WolfSpirit

You know I'm pretty sure steeping coffee and straining it has been around a lot longer then a machine...