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Microwave Baked Potato

This video shows you how to get yummy, oven-baked baked-potato flavor using your microwave. All you need are 12 minutes. The trick is turning over the potato halfway through—and then returning it the microwave for a quick minute after you’ve prepared it with salt, pepper, butter, and cheese. Nothing’s as comforting as a baked potato with all the fixings! Get CJME’s 5-star recipe for Microwave Baked Potato.

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  • Teona

I poke my potatoes, then roll them in olive oil. Add garlic salt, nuke on a plate then finish off in the oven as we eat the well scrubbed skin too. Add whatever, butter, cheese, sour cream, chives, back bits . Etc. Enjoy

  • AmyLynn

1. poke with fork all over 2. wrap with plastic wrap 3. place on micro-safe plate 4. cook 6-8 mins. depending on size 5. remove carefully from micro and wrap 6. cut, add fave ingredients, ENJOY!

  • carolsx

I coke mine in the micro for a few minutes then in a 350 or 400 oven till cooked, find them very good