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Fresh Strawberry Pavlova

In this video, you’ll see how to make Pavlova, the delicious fruit and meringue dessert named after Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova. You’ll see how to incorporate air into your egg whites, whisking until you’ve achieved “the ribbon stage.” Then you’ll discover exactly what your mixture should look like when you’ve achieved perfect meringue conditions! You’ll also learn why Chef John paints his fresh strawberries with warmed apricot preserves. The crispy crunchy outside of this dessert contrasts wonderfully with the marshmallowy center, and the fresh berries and whipped cream just make it magical. Get the recipe for Chef John’s Fresh Strawberry Pavlova.

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  • Susan Mather Barone

I love how Chef John explains his recipes. It reminds me of a the pavlova I tried for the first time at The Parlour restaurant in Stratford Ontario. I feel like I could make this. He makes it looks so easy.

  • Anes

Can I bake the pavlova like cupcakes individually in the cupcakes holders, for how long and at what temperature? 24 mini cupcakes

  • Jarrell Aberdeen

I love that recipe