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How to Cook Hamburgers

In this video, you’ll see how to cook hamburgers to a perfect doneness. Chef John will show you the signs that tell you when the burger is ready to flip. This method isn’t based on time but look, and after you flip it, by feel.

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  • Holly B.

His burgers didn't shrink or release a lot of liquid. Is that true for the rest of you? When I lived in the States 20 years ago, my burgers always would shrink and exude liquid. Browning ground beef left me with a puddle of grease and water to either boil off or drain off. Here in Mexico none of that happens. Every burger I make stays the same size. Browning ground beef works perfectly - no juices in the pan. But if YOUR ground beef still exudes a lot of liquid, tell me soon and I'll explain why, because you deserve to know it. If your meat doesn't shrink or exude much liquid, you don't need this information. The problem has been fixed. A good tip is to use an oiled spatula to SLIDE the patty into the pan or grill, and another one (or even two) to turn them. The practice of adding egg to GB to make them hold together changes the taste - not for the better, either. Try mashing each patty pressing fairly hard. Then pat the cracks on the edges, forming and firming as


What is rocket surgery? lol

  • iScream4icecream

I'm actually really glad this WASN'T a grilling technique! I'm a single mom who lost the BBQ in the divorce, LOL! All my meat is cooked indoors. Thanks Chef John!