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Spicy Orange Zest Beef

In this video, you’ll see how to make zesty orange beef! Now, this is not authentic Chinese food—it’s a quick, low-fat version of the delicious Chinese orange beef take-out you love so much! It’s similar, but this version is pan-fried in just a wee bit of oil instead of deep-fried in a ton of it. Much healthier, and still yummy! You’ll see the best cuts of beef to use for this recipe and discover how to zest oranges to eliminate any bitterness. You’ll also see how to prepare the simple marinade and get tips for quick stir-frying. Get the recipe for Chef John’s Spicy Orange Zest Beef.

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  • Susabella

Bummer. videos do me no good as my computer is too old to play them. Wish they would include a text version of the recipe.

  • superman137

You can find the text version of the recipe at

  • kjakfd

what a great video! Definitely going to try this ..thanks!