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Cherry Bomb BBQ Chicken

Watch Chef John make delicious grilled chicken. True, there are no cherries in this recipe. But it is undeniably the bomb. Actually, the name comes from the brine, which features cherry tomatoes and hot, hot habanera chilies, all blended together to form an extremely smooth puree. In this video, you'll see how to prep your chicken so the brine really soaks in, and you’ll also get great tricks for adding a little rub to the chicken pieces and for searing the chicken on the grill. Check out the recipe for Chef John’s Cherry Bomb BBQ Chicken. It's juicy barbecued chicken with truly explosive flavor!

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  • Marilyn DeRoche

Bastards' really....i listened twice to make sure i heard that correct.... M

  • Wannabehealthy

Chef John, YOU are the Bomb! This was so awesome (I was BBQ-ing in the middle of January here in Colorado) that people were stopping along my sidewalk to salivate––fortunately I have a large fence to ward them off! While watching the video, I actually gasped when you put the Red Pepper Jelly on it! Yes, that was a beautiful sight––and of course...the cow bells––epic!

  • Cecilia Ranger

I was hoping this was actually a recipe with cherries and chicken. (Not crazy about tomatoes or pepper)