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How to Make Crab Cakes

In this video, Chef John reveals the secret to a delicious crab cake—hardly any filler and big chunks o’ good fresh crab! You’ll see how to fold the crab into the slurry. (Incidentally, you will also learn what a “slurry” is.) These cakes are a little fall-aparty until you get them into the oil, but they are well worth it! Check out the recipe for Chef John's Crab Cakes. And one additional tip: for best results, be sure to use good quality crab for these cakes.

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  • Julie

Looks fun to make and delicious. Just one caveat: be prepared to spend some money on crab meat.

  • DaddyHarper

Lived in Baltimore All my life. Been though so many crab cakes you wont believe. Mel is absolutely right, from one Marylander to another. However, I will let you in on one secret, I do not use bread crumbs. I pull out the food processor and through in some saltine crackers to server as the bread crumbs.

  • sat-o-lyt

Love the HD camera. Recipe sounds wondeful. I always enjoy Chef John's videos.