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Tiramisu Chocolate Mousse

In this video, you’ll see how to make a delectable chocolate mousse version of tiramisu, the classic Italian dessert. You’ll get great tips for melting chocolate in a double boiler and for thickening the egg, sugar, and Marsala mixture. Then you’ll learn a terrific technique for folding everything together to arrive at a light, gorgeous mousse mixture. Break this one out when you’re ready to impress! Get the recipe for Tiramisu Chocolate Mousse.

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  • Vishal

Hi! I really liked this dessert recipe. I love chocolates and anything made from chocolates. You added eggs into this recipe. But I don't eat eggs. So is there any substitute to eggs? How can I prepare it without eggs? Also can we add coffee powder for flavoring?

  • Marion

Great video! Very helpful. I made a mascarpone mousse yesterday and it tasted delicious but it never set. Now I think I know what idid wrong. I can't wait to try this recipe.

  • Sara R.

The recipes are great and simple, but a few things bother me. Number one, you pronounce espresso incorrectly. There is no X in espresso. Also, I don't really appreciate how you also make it sound like you're going to say something inappropriate, i.e. "You are sooo getting l...ots of compliments." Yeah yeah yeah it sounds like you're going to say laid, we got it, but it's been done on multiple videos, and now it's just irritating.