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How to Make Classic Beef Stroganoff

Come for the delicious stroganoff recipe, stay for the Putin puns. In this video, Chef John shows you some great techniques for making classic beef stroganoff. You’ll see the best cut of meat for this dish—and discover why it pays to ask your butcher for meat from a single muscle. You’ll see a great technique for deglazing the pan with the natural juice given off by sautéing mushrooms. Check out the recipe for Classic Beef Stroganoff. Finish the dish with crème fraîche or sour cream? You’ll get Chef John’s take on the matter. And serve over buttered noodles.

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  • Leonie

As always John it looked Yummy, I loved your recipes.

  • Deborah

Going to make this tonight so anxious to try it.

  • Leanna

Made this and my Husband couldn't believe that I made it...don't know if that is so good...but then again I've never made something like this before...he absolutely LOVED it!!!! He always asks when I will make it again...I have made it since and always a hit.