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Chef John's Deviled Eggs

In this video, you’ll see how to make perfect deviled eggs. It’s one helluva recipe! What’s the key to delicious deviled eggs? Starting out with perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs. And Chef John will show you a foolproof method for making hard-cooked eggs. You’ll also see how to make candied pepper rings, a beautiful, sinfully delicious topping for the tangy deviled eggs. Get Chef John's recipe for Deviled Eggs. You'll love how cream cheese creates a luxurious texture.

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  • shrnrbrts12

I LOVE this recipe and so does anyone who eats them. I have used Chef John's egg boiling method for years and I've seldom had a problem peeling them. Here's a quick tip that makes peeling a joy...after you've made the first crack in the egg, roll it in your hands until it looks kinda' like a shattered car window, then peel just enough shell to insert a teaspoon between the shell and the matching contour of the egg. Gently run the teaspoon around the egg, turning it in your hand as you go. The shell will nearly fall off the egg

  • terry

If you add some baking soda to the water the eggs will peel easily even very fresh eggs peel once the pH has been changed. I'd use a couple of teaspoons for the amount of water in Chef's recipe.

  • A pet Walker is in heaven.

I had to try this method to boil eggs to see if the york would come out yellow without the green ring. It did!! I live in the high altitude area so my temerature of the water will not go up to 210F. It was about 199F. But they came out just like Chef John's.