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How to Measure Brown Sugar

Did you know that you measure brown sugar differently than white sugar? That’s because brown sugar is a clumpy kind of sugar. When a recipe calls for brown sugar, you want to make sure you're getting the exact amount. In this video, you’ll see the best way to measure brown sugar—and learn a little about this sweet, dark, flavorful sugar.

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  • Jacolyn

Brown sugar is delicious! As the recipe states, it is always important to pack it down when measuring. Sometimes I forget to pack it, and I am sure this affects the recipe...

  • Paula

I love videos like this. Wish I had had something like this when I got married 38 years ago!

  • I'mabakernotacook

I know an even easier way to measure brown sugar. Forget regular, clumpy brown sugar and all that packing nonsense! Instead, use Domino Brownulated. It measures just like granulated white sugar, and it's a measure-for-measure equivalent for regular brown sugar. Whatever amount of brown sugar your recipe calls for, just use the same amount of Brownulated. I admit I was skeptical before I tried it for the first time, but, after I did, I was convinced! Believe me, it works! No more regular, clumpy brown sugar for me! :^)