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How to Make Prime Rib

See how to prepare and roast a primo prime rib this holiday—no roasting rack required. In this video, you’ll learn about the top grades of beef and the different names by which prime rib is known at the grocery store. You’ll get correct roasting times and learn where to insert the thermometer for the best results. All in just 99 seconds!

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  • Jamie Justice Yost

So glad this cleared up some of the confusion I had about this cut - my husband loves it but, as the video states, it's expensive and I don't wanna screw it up! Love the fact that you explain the different names, also. Thanks!

  • Shaida Jamal

How do you figure out weight and time required to bake. Have 3.335 kg prime rib roast. I need to make it tomorrow.....


Thanks for all the wonderful recipes, I have become a much better cook. Thanks, The Cooking Man