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Chef John's Chocolate Pecan Pie

Did you know that one of the world’s most delicious pies is also one of the easiest to make? It’s true. In this video, you’ll learn how to make that tasty pie—the chocolate pecan pie. A smattering of semi-sweet chocolate chips elevates this rich dessert to a higher level of amazingness. You’ll see a simple technique for making the delicious pecan filling. No matter what you call it—PeCAHN or PeCAN—this pie is magnificent, with a sugary crust, a gooey-sweet pecan filling, and a semi-sweet chocolate kick! Chef John's recipe is based on this 5-star Pecan Pie V recipe—his only modification is adding chocolate chips. This is a classic pie to include on your Thanksgiving dinner menu.

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  • Tracie

Where do I find the actual recipe? I'm making this for Christmas so the sooner the better! Thanks :)

  • Chocolate

It says in the video to go to for list of ingredients

  • joyce

where do I find the recipe for Chocolate Pecan Pie?