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How to Roast a Turkey

If you’ve never roasted a turkey before, or you have and it just didn’t turn out quite right, then this video is for you. Chef John teaches you how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey using simple methods. Nothing fancy here, just a solid procedure that works for beginners and experts alike—and results in a moist, tender bird with a beautiful magazine-cover look. Get Chef John's recipe for How to Cook a Turkey. Then prepare yourself for plenty of ooohs and aaahs at the holidays.

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  • bet

Tried this recipe and it really is amazing! Just make sure you let your turkey thaw (in a dish to catch the juices) in the fridge at least 3 days (I recommend a week) before you try to cook it.

  • Virginia

Loved this video. Wished I had seen it last year. I will surely do it this year. Probably use bottled sage and rosemary due to our markets do not carry fresh herbs.

  • Kareenchoy

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