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Thai Red Chicken Curry

Ready in 20 minutes, saves you time, money and tastes exquisite? In this video, you'll see what we're talking about. Thai Red Chicken Curry delivers an irresistible sauce, fresh flavor and versatility. Change up the veggies to match your taste; try with shrimp or tofu to make it your own. Whatever you do, this recipe is easy to follow and you'll want to make it again and again. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Thai Red Chicken Curry. Need to cool down? Try this Thai Cucumber Salad >>

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I think I should tell the correct way of cooking it. 1. Use vegetable oil, Thai people never use olive oil because it is not local and it is too heavy and the smell is too strong. 1.1 Use Thai coconut milk CHAOKOH or AROY-D brand b/c it's creamier and suitable for Thai cooking. 1 can is equal to 13.5 fl. oz. 2. Omit the corn starch, cilantro, lime juice (you can use it if you like but that's not Thai cooking in this recipe. Here'e the direction : 1. Heat up the pan, add 2 tbs of vegetable oil once the oil is hot add the chili past (all Thai chili paste add at this point in time for the aromatic and the heat will help release the oil from the chili paste and make the color of curry looks beautiful and appetizing). 2. Stir the chili paste into the oil and add any kind of meat you want at this time. Except seafood b/f it cook fast. If you use chicken, pork, beef add it and stir it with the paste to infuse them together. 3. Add 1/2 a cup of Thai coconut milk b/c it is creamer than Mexican or other kinds. Stir them together to infuse. 4. Now let it sit on medium heat when the meat is cooked, add vegetables, we use 1/4 bell pepper as garnish but you as add add as much as you like. Add the rest of the coconut milk if you like it soupy. 5. Now your kitchen should smell like chili b/c the hot oil that release the aroma from the chili and the coconut milk are fusing in the air. 6. You can use Thai basil as garnish, lime leaves breaking up with your hands (may be that make it looked it cilantro, I wonder). 7. Add sliced fresh Thai chili peppers for extra heat and freshness (optional). 8. Use fish sauce if you want it to taste saltier but usually the chili paste already has salt in it. Don't use soy sauce b/c it is too dark and it's Chinese. It might cause the curry to turn darker. 9. Serve with steamed Jasmine White rice. 10. You can save the rest of the coconut milk in plastic container and freeze it, don't freeze it in the can. Coconut milk goes bad within a few days of opening even keeping it in the fridge, so use it up quickly or make more curry and freeze it. 11. If you decide to freeze the uneaten portion, don't let the meat and the veggies cooked too well b/c when you defrost and it reheat it, then it will be over cooked. Anyway, it is a personal preferences here. I talked from experience. Enjoy!

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Oh, my gosh! This is not Thai Red Curry! We never used red onion, cilantro, lime juice and cashew nuts in curry. You can call it Thai-inspired Red curry but if you go to Thailand or any real Thai restaurant, this is not what you'll get.