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Perfect Prime Rib

In this video, you’ll see Chef John’s secret method for creating prime rib that’s perfectly pink and extra moist in the center with a delicious crispy crust. This roasting method hits that magical sweet spot between rare and medium rare. The secret here is…math! But it’s easy math. The trick is to bring the bone-in roast to room temperature before putting it in the oven. Then, it’s a big blast of high heat to sear the surface of the meat, followed by very slow cooking with the oven off. See how it’s done! You’ll also see how to remove the bones before slicing the gorgeous, moist roast. Get the recipe for Chef John's Perfect Prime Rib. It's truly the perfect holiday meal.

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  • jthree

I want to do a 16 pound prime rib roast. It scares me to have it in the oven for 80 minutes. Has anyone cooked a larger prime rib - 8 - 12 pounds that could offer their experience? An alternative I have considered is getting the roast sliced into two and cooking it half the time as each roast would then be approximately 8 pounds. To my way of thinking, if two roasts are in the same oven in different pans, I would cook them for 40 minutes. If I take this further, what difference could it make to cook the 16 pound roast for 40 minutes - it is no thicker than the 8 pound roasts. The heat penetrates from all sides. Thoughts?

  • Donna

although a great recipe and an even greater finish - the butter flash searing in the oven made my kitchen and adjoining rooms very hazy(butter fragrance smoke)!

  • Linda Bender DeRitis

I made this recipe according to the directions except I left the roast in the oven a bit longer we don't like it quite that rare. The cooking method is fine, but I would not make it this way again since the butter made it entirely too greasy.