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Sweet Russian Cabbage Soup

This video shows you how to make an easy cabbage soup with ground beef, tomato sauce, and veggies. A touch of vinegar and sugar give this hearty soup its distinctive flavor. Enjoy it Russian-style, with a dollop of sour cream and a few slices of dark rye bread. Watch the video, then get Ron’s 5-star recipe for Sweet Russian Cabbage Soup. This is a wonderfully comforting soup on a chilly evening.

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  • warbaby

Too much sugar. Carrots have a high sugar content. Will be making this. Thanks.

  • Dina Marshalek

Interesting. I will definitely make the soup. However, I've never heard of a "Sweet Russian Cabbage Soup" before. I was born amd raised in Moscow and honestly don't recall ever hearing or reading about this soup before. I'm just curious whether any Russian ever made it before. Sounds pretty good though :)

  • Alan Goguen

I like the idea of enjoying this with a shot of vodka but I`d have to leave out the SUGAR, maybe some honey or maple syrup, the more "home made" the better!!