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Chef John's Hollandaise Sauce

This video shows you how to make classic hollandaise sauce. All you need are a couple egg yolks, lemon juice, butter, and just a pinch of cayenne pepper. Chef John makes his sauce without a double boiler. He does it over a direct flame. He’ll show you how to prevent your sauce from breaking and what to look for that tells you when your egg yolks are just right. Then it’s time for drizzling in the warm butter, a couple tablespoons at a time. That's all there is to it. This is the recipe to use with Chef John’s Eggs Benedict, featuring Chef John’s Poached Eggs. And remember, attack this sauce with confidence because a hollandaise can sense fear.

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great thank you!!!! great tips

  • froggiegirl

I went looking for a hollandaise recipe to make eggs benedict for Father's Day breakfast. I have had great luck with Chef John's recipes before, but I felt I should give some caveats. I am an experienced cook, so I listened to him when he said don't be afraid of this method. If this is your first attempt at hollandaise, USE A DOUBLE BOILER. Controlling the heat this way relies on an intimate familiarity with the consistency you want in the egg yolks. I ended up with scrambled eggs floating in butter, even though the eggs looked right when I removed the bowl from the burner. The double boiler allows for much more consistent heat dispersal. I also added my lemon juice at the end rather than with the egg yolks in my successful (3rd) attempt, but I'm not sure that made a lot of difference. It was delicious, but I would never recommend this method to a novice hollandaise maker.

  • Tammi

Where is the recipe for this sauce? I don't hear the measurements?