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How NOT to Make Pork Roast, a Cautionary Tale

It’s no mystery, even the best cooks make mistakes. And in this video, you’ll see how a couple minor miscalculations resulted in the untimely death of Chef John’s beautiful pork roast. But was it foul play? More like porcine play, perhaps. At any rate, Chef John identifies the culprit. (Spoiler alert: It was the sauce! In the skillet! With the rosemary!) Give it a watch, and learn from his mistakes.

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  • Rebekah Dorris

Wow. That was THE best cooking video I've ever seen. There's nothing like learning from cooking goofs, and watching someone else do it instead is infinitely more enjoyable (sorry) yet every bit as beneficial. More, PLEASE!!! God bless :)

  • CookInterest

that was hilarious....I love that you have the confidence to show your errors as well as your successes. By the way, did you post a successful pork roast? Perhaps traditional, with roasted potatoes and carrot and mushrooms?