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Sophisticated Almond Appetizers

Crunchy, flavorful, and satisfying, almonds add instant panache to appetizers. In this video, you’ll see how to make two delicious appetizers using crunchy, versatile almonds. First, Almond Dukkah, a spicy seasoning mix made from toasted sesame seeds, coriander, and cumin, gets its delightful crunch from minced almonds. Serve with pita bread and olive oil. Dip, dab, delicious! Next, see how to make toasted almond-encrusted creamy chevre cheese and succulent grape truffles, a tasty sweet and savory treat. See more nut videos >>

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  • Julie

I wish they would show the measurements of the ingredients!

  • Darlene

Hi Julie The full recipe is available on this site under Almond Dukkah

  • Yankeemomm

Cannot find the recipe on the website. I need the measurements. Very frustrating!