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How to Reheat Pizza

Bring limp, lifeless leftover pizza back to crispy, delicious life! See Chef John’s foolproof stovetop method for reheating leftover pizza so it comes out with tasty melted cheese on top and a perfectly crisp crust on the bottom (crispier than the toaster-oven method). It’s a fast method, too—no waiting around for the oven to preheat. You can also use this method to crisp-up delivery pizza that’s been steamed soggy in the box. Find the best homemade pizza recipes.

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  • lschepisi

Just reheated 2 small pieces in a smallish frying pan. I did just what John said and in 4 minutes, reheat perfection! I hate microwaved pizza and this was one easy step. Thanks Chef John!!

  • chill

Just preheat a skillet to screaming hot. Throw in a slice or two for a couple minutes...don't burn it..flip..count to 10 ....slowly, flip out on a plate and enjoy. This method not only crisps the crust, it melts the cheese too. YUMMY!

  • cayble

I used to do it that way a few years ago and its a little tricky, or it takes way too long. If you do it to get a hot slice of pizza in less then 10 minutes in the frying pan the bottom is halfway burned before the heat hits the top. Only fast way that makes an excellent reheat fast without burning, or tinfoil is microwave first, then a minute or so on an already hot pan in the oven.