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Fabulous Wet Burritos

These are some serious burritos! This video shows you how to make big beefy burritos smothered in flavorful enchilada sauce. Seasoned ground beef, green chile peppers, and refried beans are wrapped in flour tortillas, and then topped with lettuce and tomato, and a generous helping of special sauce made with condensed tomato soup, enchilada sauce, and canned chili. Finish them off with shredded Mexican cheese. Watch the video, then get SYDNEY6’s top-rated recipe for Fabulous Wet Burritos. Enjoy topped with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa.

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  • Guadalupe “Wally” Pinon

Where I come from, they're called "Chico's Tacos"! But Chico makes them too watery! Yours are just right (to prefection!). Wally P.

  • Jack

If they taste half as good as they look, I don't care what they are called or whether or not lettuce is placed in the oven.

  • Auntie

Stop bitching!!!! I have tried a lot of recipes that were a complete flop! It didn't stop my life!! If it doesn't suit your fancy, then SHUT UP and move on! Worry about people dying in wars for no reason or our nation being such a mess! Go protest about that! Oh.... I love wet burritos!!! If you haven't heard of them before... Maybe you need to broaden your horizons!!!