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How to Knead Your Sourdough Bread

Is your sponge spongy? In this six-part series called “Follow the Sourdough,” Chef John shows you how to make sourdough bread, from beginning to end. Today, it’s time to knead the bread. You’ll turn your sponge into a ball of increasingly less sticky bread dough, kneading as you go along. In this video, you’ll discover Chef John’s patented kneading technique: the Half-Turn with the Palm Push (HTPP), which stretches out the gluten and starts building the texture of the dough. Oh boy, we’re getting close here. By the end of this episode, you’ll have your dough resting and rising in a warm spot…with only one step to go. Miss the previous episode? Check out How to Make the Sponge for Homemade Bread. Are you ready to (finally) bake your sourdough bread? Let’s move on to the final episode: How to Bake Sourdough Bread. Or start at the very beginning with How to Make San Francisco Sourdough Starter.

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  • Rose Amaro Prince

I made this and it turned out fabulous. Mary, you probably added too much flour. I stopped adding flour at the point where I could leave it as sticky as possible, but could handle it without it sticking to my hands very badly. This is was my first time making sourdough starter/bread so I wasn't sure what to do with the left over dough because these instructions just said to stick it in the fridge. I measured the whole sponge and saw that I had 3 cups. So I just multiplied the recipe so it was 1-1/2 of the recipe. A nice big loaf!

  • DustinMary Johnson

I am making this recipe now and my I did everything it say's but after kneading my bread it look dry and tears. Ugh I just want to make nice bread! Grrrr

  • Lynne

I want rye bread. When can I add rye flour?