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How to Peel a Pile of Garlic in 20 Seconds

You know how the skins can stick to garlic, making peeling a pain? Well, not anymore. In this video, you’ll see an amazing trick for peeling an entire head of garlic in about 20 seconds. All you need are two metal bowls and a whole bunch of garlic. See how it’s done. And now that you have all that raw garlic, check out Chef John’s Chicken with 20 Cloves of Garlic. Give this technique a try; you will be amazed.

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  • Sherrie Norman

Hello Chef John!! I adore watching your videos. I have spent at least two to three hours each day... or maybe every other day. I just LOVE to learn new things. BUT... I do have to say that when I went to make the 20 Garlic chicken, which is in my fridge until tomorrow, that I tried to shake the Garlic in a bowl and I wish that I could say that it worked for me. I don't own two metal bowls, but I used a huge 4 quart Tupperware bowl, with the lid on and I shook, checked, and shook again for almost 15 minutes before I gave up and hand peeled them. What a pain!! I did pop the bottom off and peeled a lot of the outside peel off. But still, no luck. Does it HAVE to be done in metal bowls?? This is the ONLY trick that you've shown, that I just couldn't get done the way you did it. Any suggestions, would be WONDERFUL!! Thank you Chef John. And keep on making those video's. I LOVE them.

  • dj's

What an awesome idea. I will be using it from now on... Thank you. Oh, and the video was very entertaining.

  • Vickygloz

lololol. This guy is hilarious! On the garlic: awesome trick.