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Kahlúa Cake Pops

In this video, you’ll see how to make and decorate sweet Kahlúa cake pops. Allrecipes member Jennifer will show you how. You’ll start by crumbling devil's food cake and then mixing in Kahlúa and dark chocolate frosting. It’s so quick and easy! Form the cake crumbs into little balls. Freeze the pops and then dip them into melted chocolate and decorate! See how it’s done. These decadent bites make festive holiday gifts. Watch the video, then get recipe for Kahlúa Cake Bites.

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  • NV

Definitely worth the work. These were a big hit.

  • NV

A few novice pointers about this. 1-After mixing the cake ball ingredients, do give them the solid two hours to cool down in the fridge. After one hour they are still not cool and hard enough to ball. They must be COMPLETELY cool to ball. The cooler the better. 2-I suggest cooling the mixture in two separate bowls. Because you really need to keep them cool – and they’ll start warming up while they’re sitting on the counter. Yes, it’s VERY important the mixture stays cool for balling. 3-Very immediately after dipping the balls in chocolate, spread the white decorative icing if you’re going to do that. Because once you’ve stuck the Popsicle stick in the balls it’s very hard to neatly decorate the balls. 4-The outer chocolate starts to harden very quickly after dipping. If it gets too hard, then you’ll break the shell when you insert the skewer or the Popsicle stick. So skewer and insert the stick very soon after dipping/decorating the balls. 5-While this is not a complex recipe, it’

  • Lanore

A wonderful presentation. Thank you.