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Cornell Grilled Chicken

In this video, you’ll learn how to make what is essentially a white barbecue sauce for grilled chicken. The cider vinegar-based marinade creates a tangy, delicious, and super-moist chicken. You’ll get tips for keeping your chicken from burning on the grill. You’ll also learn the story behind Dr. Baker and his famous Cornell chicken. Get the recipe for Cornell Chicken.

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  • pepperjunkie

I am biased, Kansas State University bbq chicken is better than Cornell's.

  • pj

I did try this again. It is good. I just Love listing and watching you cook. I must say Since my Mom cut off a chicken head and then showed me how to pluck it at the tender age of three I cannot deal with it looking so much like a body. I used what I told my kids was supermarket meat. That is boneless breasts. That alone still sounds weird. Never want to see the body but it was tasty as supermarket food. Rock on just not so explicit?

  • Karen Halgren

We've had this recipe for many yrs. It's AWESOME,although I don't recall it being white..anyways- you reminded everyone not to use to brush again to baste after chicken is removed from heat- I would recommend not using the marinade either as it has raw chicken in that as well...if you want to use some after removed from heat- save some of it out before hand...