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How to Make Cronuts, Part I

In this two-part video, you’ll see how to make homemade cronuts, the craze-inducing donut/croissant hybrid. These delicious deep-fried treats look and taste like donuts but have the crispy, flakey texture of buttery croissants. Why have one or the other separately when you can have both at once?! In this video, part one, you’ll see how to prepare the simple yeast dough. To form the cronuts, you’ll fold the dough between layers of butter like a classic croissant. See how it's done! Also in part one, you will bear witness to Chef John’s fearless “double fold and turn” layering technique. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John’s Cronuts, Part I. And don't miss Cronuts, Part II, where you’ll see how to fry, glaze…and enjoy these incredibly delicious cronuts.

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  • Alexandria Roxxanne Anevay

FYI: This video does not tell us how to make "Cronuts." This tells us how to make croissant doughnuts. You may wonder what the difference is. "Cronut" is a registered trademark, therefore only the trademark owners may make something and call it that, or else you may be sued. This is why Dunkin Donuts does not call them "Cronuts."

  • Ana

This is the link to the recipe

  • a3_14c

can anybody tell me the recipe of this please? thanks a lot :)