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How to Fix Lumpy Gravy

Lumps in the gravy? No problem. In this video, you’ll see a few quick fixes that will save the day. No more lumps! Your smooth, savory gravy will make you a Thanksgiving hero for sure. In the video, you’ll also get smart tips for avoiding lumps and bumps in the gravy next time.

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  • Judy Felts Scott

putting in a blender, great idea if just whisking doesn't do it

  • woodeka

Wondra is my secret!

  • Scherry 98.6 °F

A Great Memory!! My grandmother could not make smooth gravy to save her life,(she admitted it)so she just made "lumpy dick" after my uncle Richard. It was lumpy gravy with a funny name. My father grew up eating it so when he married my mother (who made very smooth & creamy gravy) He would get mad at mom for not knowing how to make gravy "right." Now every time I see gravy anywhere I think of My Mom, Dad & my Grandma. LOL .. :)