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How to Fix a Still-Frozen Turkey

Uh-oh, it’s time to cook the turkey, and it’s still frozen? Don’t panic, your turkey troubles will soon be solved. With these simple tricks, you can thaw your still-frozen bird quickly and safely, and turn turkey tragedy into turkey triumph! And if worse comes to worst, you can even roast a frozen bird—it will just need more time to roast. Don't worry about the bag of birdie parts in the neck, the bag is heat safe! Just remove it and the neck after about 3 1/2 hours once the turkey has thawed completely. Congratulations, you just saved Thanksgiving.

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  • AC2010

It will not be the same! When poultry doesn't thaw slowly and allowed to rid itself of all of the fluids and blood left from butchering the fluid cooks along with the poultry and gives it a unpleasant texture and taste. Yes, it will be safe but not worth it. Save it for another day.

  • Dawn

I could never feel comfortable doing this with a bought turkey. Often there are feathers stuck in the creases under the wings and legs that will be carrying huge amounts of bacteria, and the inside is never really clear of innards either. The neck and bag of 'extra parts' is not the scariest thing by far. If I raised the bird and cleaned it myself before freezing I might not be as leery, but I still doubt it would be as good. The cold water method does work though.

  • ShelleyJoy

I don't know who said you had to wash poultry inside and out before cooking, but it's no longer advised. Experts say that doing this causes the spread of more bacteria and e-coli.