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How to Fix Burnt Pie Crust

Uh-oh, you’ve burnt the pie crust? No fear! In this video, you’ll see three simple tricks to help disguise and fix your burnt pie top. Your guests will never know, and the pie will still be just as delicious as ever! You’ll see how to fix the problem and get tips that will ensure the crust never burns again. Don’t fret, with these simple tricks under your belt, you’ll be a Thanksgiving hero for sure.

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  • Ms. Chef Esh

Love these tips...definitely a life saver!!!

  • Cindy Capps Lepp

BEST a timer! But these are ingenious to cover goof-ups!

  • Tracey Ferrari Posner

This is by far my favorite video for Thanksgiving disasters. I am not a big baker so if a problem was to arise, it would probably be with my pies. I LOVE the tip about removing the entire top crust and replacing it with a new one! Duh! Such a brilliant idea! Also I have had the edges of my pumpkin pie burn before but it never even occurred to me to remove it and spray some whipped cream over it. Talk about some ah ha moments! This video is great! Thanks!