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Quick Chicken Piccata

In this video, you’ll see how to make an easy chicken piccata recipe. Chef John will show you when to pound the chicken breasts—if you have small chicken breasts, you won’t even need to. You’ll see how to lightly dredge the seasoned chicken breasts without wasting flour or making a big mess, and discover when to add the chicken to the hot oil. Next, Chef John shows you how to make a quick wine, lemon-juice, and butter sauce. You’ll see a cool little trick for releasing more caper flavor into the sauce—and also learn why the Italian word “piccata” is a metaphor for the sharp, intensely flavored sauce. Then just heat the chicken through, and it’s done! Get the recipe for Quick Chicken Piccata. It's an impressive dinner, and ready in no time.

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  • YPT

Where is the recipe?

  • Elaine

Please add amounts of lemon juice, water, white wine and butter.

  • Pat Duhig

The chicken piccata video was great but where are the ingredient list???