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How to Make Homemade Butter

You don’t need any machines to make hand-made butter. And all it takes is one basic ingredient: cold heavy cream. The only other thing you need is a Mason jar—oh, and some arm power. Because you’re going to shake, shake, shake! For about 15 to 20 minutes until the cream solidifies, and the buttermilk separates. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John’s Homemade Butter. Go ahead, give it a shake!

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  • Nicola

I used a stand mixer on medium speed. Made thick creamy butter in less than 10 mins. I added a little salt while rinsing off the butter milk and was perfect. Lovely on homemade scones. Used half with two whole roasted garlic which I wrapped in foil and baked in a medium oven for an hour. Left garlic to cool then gave them a good squeeze. Add to fresh butter with a small handful of fresh chopped basil then spread thickly onto Italian bread thinly sliced and grill for a couple of mins till melted. Best garlic bread ever.Vanished in moments. Enjoy


As a kid in the 70s my father got fresh heavy cream from a local farmer, so thick we had to spoon it out of the jars. It was my job to make fresh churned butter a couple of times a month. Thankfully I had a hand cranked, one gallon, paddle butter churn. Once the butter was through churning, I would drain the milk off and rinse the butter in a large bowl of cold water, changing the water frequently until the water was fairly clear. Basically you put the butter in a bowl of water and knead it. Once done, knead in salt if desired and put into a container for storage. By rinsing the butter you get the rest of the milk out so it stays fresh longer. I've been wanting to make butter again for my grandchildren. Now to research this food processer method. :-)

  • Omc McGuire

Thanks Chef John, I love this. I always, always have heavy cream to make sauces, gravy and so on . So I saw this and had to do it. Once it became butter that's when I added a little salt to it. OMG sooooooo good. Love it.