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How to Make Chicken and Dumplings

In this video, you’ll see how to make an American comfort-food classic: chicken and dumplings. Chef John starts with a whole chicken, simmering it to create a delicious homemade stock. You’ll also see how to give your stock a little extra body and depth of flavor. Next you’ll see how to make a very simple dumpling recipe and discover the famous two-spoon method for scooping sticky dumplings out into the casserole. Follow along with the recipe for Chef John’s Chicken and Dumplings. After steaming on top of the chicken stew for a bit, the dumplings will emerge light, fluffy, and biscuit-like. And the best part? Chef John’s dumplings aren't exclusive to chicken dishes like this; you can make these dumplings for any kind of soup or stew. Basically, if you can simmer it, you can put a dumpling on it! See how it’s done.

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  • lkschuler

I made Chicken n dumplings for my 10 yr old grandson 4 yrs ago....with the genuine homemade dumplings, yet. He threw a FIT...because I did not make "chicken n dumplings". Turns out, his mom, a true Mississippi southern gal, and now my own first-born son, make it with homemade noodles. Today, we all laugh about it as my grandson and I ARGUE over what is truly chicken n dumplings. So, my question...if I want to get in homemade dumplings, when do I put them in? I am guessing before the 10-15 minute simmer before the homemade dumplings cover the top....Love the recipe, but will definite get both noodles and dumplings into the ingredients! Thanks.

  • joe pah

Great presentation! Would like to have seen onions in the soup or dumplings

  • broyce744

Great recipe. The only things I would add is fresh green beans. Some salt and maybe some garlic powder to the dumplings also. The only complaint from my family was that the dumplings were a bit bland as per the recipe.