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Chinese Chicken Fried Rice I

In this video, you’ll see how to make chicken fried rice with lots of tasty vegetables and a simple sauce. Starting with leftover chicken and rice makes it super quick and easy. It's also a great way to sneak in healthy veggies during busy weeknights. Watch the video, then get sal’s top-rated recipe for Chinese Chicken-Fried Rice I. Try this technique with leftover pork or tofu, too.

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  • sycamorekelt

Hm, I cook the vegetables separate. There's no reason to add the chicken so early. It's already cooked, add at the end. I always cook the rice by itself until is nicely toasted and then add everything else. And where's the egg?

  • Saintsfan

Don't use sesame oil as the cooking oil. It has a very low smoke point and can burn very easily. Instead, use a very small drizzle of it at the end as a finishing oil.

  • Webweweave

I make stir fry A LOT (all kinds) and I gotta say, this seems like it has way too much soy sauce. Also, cooking the onions first then adding the chicken pieces seems like it would guarantee mushy onions and tough chicken by the time the other veggies were tender crisp. The "pea pods" in this recipe look like sugar snap peas instead. Not at all the same. Pea pods are much flatter. There was no mention of removing the stem ends and strings from the so-called pea pods. I assure you, they are much better without strings. In the interests of full disclosure, I did not cook this recipe. It had too little going for it to bother.