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Best Baked Fries

It’s the healthy way to make fries! In this video, you’ll see how to make baked steak fries. Thick strips of potato are coated in seasonings and baked until golden-brown and wonderfully crisp. Watch the video, then get mmyers168’s top-rated recipe for Best Baked French Fries. They’re a burger’s perfect crispy companion.

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  • Chief Cook

I used this recipe and loved it but did make a few changes. I soaked the cut potatoes in water with salt and sugar for a few 30 minutes. Then I rinsed them and dried them well and added the oil etc, but I also added 1 tsp of paprika and the color was wonderful and golden....enjoy!

  • jano313

i will try that tip about sugar next time.

  • Caerphilly

The sugar trick really made a difference, but I know that using EEVO above 375 F is not healthy(the tiny pieces of Olive in the unfiltered version burn), so I use Coconut or Avocado Oil. Just warm it slightly to liquefy and add Garlic Powder, Sea Salt, freshly ground Black Pepper....and I loved adding some heat such as finely ground Red Pepper Flakes...into the Oil/shake well before coating the fries. I prefer the 'dressing' method to the 'tossing' for coverage uniformity.