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How to Make Beef Au Jus

In this video, Chef John shows you how to make delicious beef au jus, turning the juice and drippings from roasts into a tasty dipping sauce for the meat. You’ll learn how to make a simple roux, cooking away the raw, pasty flour taste. Then all you need is beef stock, and maybe some salt, and you have your simple beef au jus. Get the recipe for Beef Au Jus. It’s really the only way to enjoy prime rib or roast beef.

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  • susannathan

thanks chef - great video

  • Patty Cakes

Merry Christmas Chef John!! Wonderfully helpful videos. Sure is hard to keep them batteries charged huh? LOL

  • Deb A

Chef John....Where did yesterdays video for "perfect" prime rib go?? Cannot find the written recepe anywhere on the sits. And BTW... Merry Christmas