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Authentic Chinese Egg Rolls

In this video, you’ll see how to make pork egg rolls following a recipe that’s been in the Ling family for at least 300 years. Shredded pork roast combines with mushrooms, bamboo, egg, and finely shredded carrots and cabbage. You'll also see a great technique for rolling your egg rolls nice and tight. Watch the video, then get Mendy’s 5-star recipe for Authentic Chinese Egg Rolls. You won’t find a more authentic recipe.

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  • Mendy L

Hello folks at and you awesome members! I am so honored to see this video being made of my family recipe! I posted this at merely age 15! (can you believe I was a food connoisseur back then? haha) I continue to check back at the recipe's page and I am ecstatic to read such great reviews. It brings me such joy and makes me more happy to have shared this with you guys. But watching this video, WOW! The HD camera work, the editing, even quoting "lines" from the original recipe! Haha, I chuckled because I clearly remember how excited I was writing this recipe and how many of those instructions were so grammatically incorrect! It's funny to hear them being said out loud. I DO have one thing to add that I missed before; and probably a good recipe secret for those of you who take the time to scroll down here: ****I see in a lot of photos posted on the recipe's page, including this video, that the egg roll wrappers fry up with "bubbles" on the outside. PLEASE REMEMBER:

  • Nursechef

I really like this filling version because to me, it is way different than what I am used to and I really like that! I think that most Non-Asians have a fear of disappointment trying to make eggrolls and won tons and I remember my Dad tried to make Chinese bbq pork and it had way too much Hoisen sauce and for over 2 years none of us coul stand eating any Chinese food lol! Hoisen is really strong but you learn your lesson lol! So I am on a tear to learn how to cook these wonderful foods I really love and I came across this recipe and I am going to make this. Love the ingredients and it looks quite easy. Just wanted to know how to reheat the extras since I am a family of one, parents and husband passed. I'm in my middle 50's. Thanks!

  • Richard Alvaro

best recipie i have found/made/and/enjoyed thank you.