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How to Eat Chicken Wings

Did you know there’s a trick to eating chicken wings? The drummette part is easy; just grab the “handle” and eat the meat. But in this video, you’ll learn how to eat the flat portion of the chicken wing—the piece that has two bones. Chef John shows you a simple technique to remove the cartilage and quickly slip the bones free from the flat pieces of cooked chicken wings, leaving the meat in one solid piece—a perfectly boned chicken-wing! Learn this amazing trick, and you’ll wow your chicken wing-loving friends. Get top-rated chicken wing recipes and find out everything you need to know about serving wings.

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  • sepehr

Too much time to spend on each chicken wing flat! Though, it's far far better than wasting that glorious meat. I just eat around the flat and then bite and eat the cartilage. That separates the two bones, you pull them apart (in one straight line instead of two parallel lines and then eat the meat. I think it's better than pulling out the bones since there's a thick vein in the wing flat that I don't like to eat.

  • MIKE1234

Great tip!

  • Donna Manning

Now, if he can just do something about the double-dipping!