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Beef Bulgogi

In this video, you’ll see how to make Korean beef bulgogi. Thin strips of flank or rib-eye steak are marinated in soy sauce, sugar, garlic, and sesame seeds, then tossed on the grill. Your delicious Korean-style steak dinner is ready in no time. If you like, spice up the marinade with hot pepper flakes. Watch the video, then get TNCOUCH’s 5-star recipe for Beef Bulgogi. For an authentic Korean meal, roll the beef in red leaf lettuce and serve with rice and hot pepper paste.

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  • Luria

You can also add rice wine and pureed korean pear(as a meat tenderizer) to the recipe to give it more flavour.


So sad that the narrator didn't research her pronunciation. In Korean it sounds close to "pool go gee." I wish we could add videos to the recipe box...