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Apple Hand Pies

In this video, you’ll see Chef John’s patented method for making amazing apple turnovers. He’s preparing apple-based hand pies here, but this method works for any kind of filling, including cherry, peach, savory, whatever you like. Apple chunks sauté in butter, sugar, and cinnamon until soft. Then it’s pie dough time. You’ll see how to roll out the dough and form the pies. It’s remarkably easy, even the crimping part! See how it’s done. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John’s Apple Hand Pies. Try them with your favorite fillings!

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  • Doc

I agree with tripletoe, its silly in a name.People from all over the world has the same idea, with a slight difference beause of the way they cook or ingredient. poor people like us, mom use to find differnt ways to make the same thing just for a change up.

  • Tripletoe

Every culture out there it seems has its own version of "hand pie" The British call them turnovers, Italians have the Calzone, India has the Samosas (which incidentally precedes the Empanada), in Germany they're streudel, Bánh patê sô in Vietnam etc.

  • Jennifer Hawkins

I know this may seem like a minor thing, but I would appreciate it if this video (and other AllRecipes content like it) referred to these foods as "empanadas" (or at least mentioned that this was the more common name). These food have roots in Latin America, and a recent NPR article talked about how some are referring to them as "hand pies" as a way of dissociating them with Latin Americans for political / racial reasons. I'm not Latin American, but I don't like the idea that anyone in doing that. (I don't think AllRecipes is either, by the way. It also talks about how others are innocently picking up the "marketing terminology" of "hand pies" when they don't know the history of them and only hear about them from 3rd parties.) Anyways, I hope you will add this alternate name. Thanks!