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How to Make Sukiyaki

In this Welcome World Cuisine video, you’ll see how to make traditional Japanese sukiyaki from scratch. Sukiyaki is a beef and vegetable stir-fry with a tangy sauce and noodles that make it almost like a soup. Thin-sliced beef (or pork) accent the fresh veggies, and cubes of tofu are stirred in at the end. You could omit the meat for a vegetarian version. Make this delicious sukiyaki at home and let everyone serve themselves into big steaming bowls.

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  • Henry Jesus Gonzalez

OH MY GOD!!! it is soo good, first food I made in my whole life. Made it for the family and 2 friends, it was the best they loved it , I loved it... Thanks so much for this recipe

  • Bachan's cookin

reminds me of my mother making this on new years day...mochi cakes too.

  • foodelicious

Wonderful video! It's great "meeting" the faces behind the food. What drew me to watching this is remembering how my mom used to make sukiyaki at the dinner table. It was always a special treat when she did. This video makes me think I might be able to make sukiyaki for MY family. I'll certainly give it a try!